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The scary Pesky Heater Hose to the left was on my 155K mile 1995 FZJ80. The OEM PHH is black with cotter pin style clamps.  This hose was standard generic cheap heater hose and generic cheap clamps.  Obviously the OEM hose was replaced at some point in time (not documented by the Previous Owner). While concerned after seeing the condition of the hose, I believed it still had some life in it as it was the second PHH on the vehicle. A week after the photograph was taken, the PHH failed 180 miles from home on my friend borrowing the Cruiser to tow a trailer. Overheating and leaking all its coolant, my 80 and my friend was stranded.  Feeling awful for what happened and frustrated knowing that the PHH is a very difficult and time consuming maintenance item, I wanted to replace it with hose and clamps that were engineered as well as the rest of the legendary Land Cruiser and replace it with something that would last the life of the vehicle.  After a lot of research and part ordering to find the perfect product, the original Samco Silicone PHH Kit with Breeze Constant Torque Clamps was born.  As time went on, I applied the same methodology to as much maintenance on my Land Cruiser as I could.  While usually using high quality OEM parts, there have been areas where there are much better products at a cost lower than OEM.  Researching and buying different parts to find the best have led to the products offered here, the same bullet proof products I have on my 80.

Stainless Steel Oil Pump cover Torx screw kit for a direct replacement of the soft aluminum ones Toyota sells.  The OEM phillips strip making it extremely difficult to service the cover seal.  Torx screws are designed not to strip.

Firewall Heater Hose kits in matching Silicone or Gates Green Stripe.  Available with Breeze Constant Torque clamps and Breeze sleeved clamps .

FHH Kits

The original bulletproof Silicone Pesky Heater Hose kit with Breeze Constant Torque ClampsGates and Gates Workaround kits also available using the legendary Gates Green Stripe rubber hose.

Gates Power Steering hose kits to replace the OEM low pressure hoses. All 3 low pressure hoses and Breeze clamps included as well as available PS Pump bearings.

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Better than OEM quality to last the rest of your 80 series' life

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The 1FZ-FE Pesky Heater Hose (PHH) is a notorious legend in 80 Series Land Cruiser circles. It's a 50mm vulcanized rubber time bomb that Mr. Toyota decieded to locate in one of the most inconvenient, yet still accessable and servicable location on the vehicle... Hence the name PHH.  The PHH is a critical piece of cooling system hose that can fail anywhere between 60,000 and 180,000 miles and leave you stranded due to lack of coolant wherever you may be, from the Mall to Moab.   While visual inspection will nicely tell you how the outside of the hose looks, failures usually happen from the inside where years of high heat engine compartment environment and hot coolant flow takes it's toll.  Properly maintained cooling systems will generally prolong PHH life, but if you haven't owned your Cruiser since new, there is no telling what was put into the radiator and how often.

Parts for 1994-1997 Toyota Land Cruisers - 80 Series

Best quality Gates replacement fuel vapor line for the two lines leading to and coming from the charcoal canister cut to the proper length.

PHH Kits


Torx Kit

PS Kit

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  • Gates Green Stripe FHH Kit
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  • Oil Pump Cover Torx Kit
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