Gates Charcoal Canister Fuel Vapor Hose Kit

Gates Fuel Vapor hose kit to replace the rubber hoses leading to the charcoal canister. Uses existing factory  $8 plus $3 standard US shipping. 

Power Steering Pump Bearing info at link:

Gates Low Pressure Power Steering Hose Kit with Breeze Stainless Steel Clamps

Better than OEM Gates replacement hoses for all 3 Low Pressure Power Steering Hoses with 6 Breeze Stainless Steel Clamps.  $42 and $8 Priority Shipping

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Power Steering Pump Replacement Bearing
Japanese bearings with quality that is equal to or better than the Koyo or NSK bearings in the pump. $8 plus $3 standard US shipping You can't order a replacement from the dealer. 

Other Kits & Merchandise

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Charcoal Canister Fuel Vapor Hose Kit info at link:

Oil Pump Cover Torx Screw Kit info at link:

Power Steering Hose Kit info at link:

Oil Pump Cover Torx Screw Kit
The Stainless Steel Oil Pump Cover Torx Kits consist of 7 Stainless Steel Class 3A thread fit Torx brand screws. They are a direct replacement for the OEM fasteners. $8 with free standard shipping.

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Official PHH Kit Coffee Mug

High Quality PHH Kit Coffee Mug to hold your favorite beverage while changing your PHH.

$25 with $11 Priority Shipping

Shipping costs are by weight unless noted as Priority.  I will combine multiple products and upgrade to Priority Flat Shipping if it is cheaper to do so.  If the shipping is less than what you are charged, I will refund you the difference.  If you need expedited shipping on Standard Shipping items, please shoot me an email for the upgrade.  Also please email me before any International Orders for shipping costs. 

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More info to come here soon...

More info to come here soon...

Mini Ratcheting Driver and Socket
Small Ratcheting Driver and High Quality 5/8 magnetic socket bit to help with the tight installation of the PHH kits Also comes with standard and phillips bits. $15 plus $3 standard US shipping. 

5/8 Magnetic Socket
High Quality 5/8 Magnetic socket bit to assist with the PHH Kit installs - fits the Breeze Clamp heads.

$6 plus $3 standard US shipping.